I’m Cynthia Holland, Verona Town Council Candidate

I’m Cynthia Holland, a successful attorney, a wife, and a mother to two daughters in the Verona public school system.  With experience in public and private legal practice, my career has focused on multi-member governmental agencies (like our Town Council) and making sure that everyone has fair, safe, and reliable access to some of the most fundamental and essential services, such as electricity and clean water.  I have defended budgets from being misused. I have planned and implemented major governmental policy initiatives, which demonstrates a keen understanding of the day-to-day operations of government. 

Service is a big part of who I am. I have chaired positions and served on various committees at the State and National levels. Notably, I served as the Statewide Chair for the Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Workgroup for the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, as well as Chair of the Public Utility Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. A graduate of Seton Hall Law School, I moved my family to Verona nine years ago and immediately established myself as a Faith Formation teacher at Our Lady of the Lake. I later joined the Children’s Liturgy ministry and other family ministries.  I have also served on numerous committees at the Forest Avenue School.  Currently, I am also a Girl Scout Troop Leader to two separate troops in Verona.   

I believe that smart decisions for our future begin with good planning.  Drawing upon my substantial work experience, I will bring to Verona Town Council a combination of demonstrated strategic planning skills and practical implementation expertise.  I want to ensure Verona has a sustainable future, which includes taking action to address climate change and shoring up our infrastructure in a manner that supports our main street and enhances our community. If elected, I look forward to building a healthier, safer, and better community for our families.