Plan for the Future

  • Update the Municipal Master Plan with a forward look to the year 2030 and a realistic evaluation of flooding and environmental risks to our homes, families, and businesses.
  • Develop Asset Management Plans for our aging municipal utility systems.
  • Design a Community Energy Plan that can enable Verona to achieve long term cost saving and environmental benefits for the whole community. 

Take Sustainable Action

  • Conservation and improvement decisions guided by updated Master Plan and multi-year Asset Management Plans
  • Realize cost savings and growth potential of clean energy across the whole community
  • Utilize available grant funding and resources from State and Federal government

Strengthen Community Resilience

  • Expand community outreach, communication, and collaboration among the whole community, including schools, businesses, and residents.
  • Enhance social opportunities for seniors and families as well as economic growth opportunities for businesses.
  • Hold quarterly community forums and develop community work groups to discuss key issues and develop recommendations for action.